Representation For Clients Based On Trust And Empathy

Your rights and well-being are important. You didn’t ask for legal problems: Attorney Jeremy Rix provides no-charge initial consultations and works hard to get results.

Licensed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, Jeremy is an experienced attorney vigorously working to help people in the Warwick and Providence areas, and across Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts “from Newport to New Bedford,” to resolve workers’ compensation, landlord and tenant, and other legal issues.

You Deserve Help

Sometimes, good people get put into bad situations. Whether you are a worker seeking compensation for an injury on the job, a tenant on the verge of eviction, it is important to remember that you have rights in these situations. Similarly, if you are a local property owner who follows the law and may need assistance in drafting a Lease or seeking representation to protect your rights, The Law Offices of Jeremy M. Rix has a history of successfully representing clients who need assistance with workers’ compensation, landlord-tenant issues, contracts, real estate, basic estate planning, and more. Sometimes, court can be avoided with proactive representation. When it is necessary to go to court, you’ll want an experienced advocate by your side.

Jeremy M. Rix standing outside courthouse

Unwavering Dedication To Clients

Attorney Jeremy Rix works diligently for his clients to bring them justice and peace of mind while holding companies and opposing parties accountable for their actions in and out of court. He is able to accomplish results many other attorneys would be unable to achieve through his meticulous research of the case information he receives. His personal dedication and a small firm size also ensures that cases are not handed off to multiple workers and stay with the attorney who understands the ins and outs from start to finish.

Have An Advocate On Your Side Sooner, Not Later. Call Now.