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Attorney Jeremy Rix Believes Injured Workers Deserve Quality Care

When it comes to your workplace, you should be able to expect a certain level of safety, and, when accidents happen, you should be able to depend on your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance for support. However, insurance companies are infamous for putting profits before people.

Attorney Jeremy Rix is a caring and compassionate lawyer with experience advocating for injured workers across Rhode Island. He founded his law firm because he did not want to spend his career representing insurance companies. Attorney Rix has taken on some of the largest and most influential insurance companies and businesses in Rhode Island and isn’t intimidated by their tactics. One fateful December, when the largest workers’ compensation insurer in Rhode Island moved its check-processing operations out of state and many injured workers’ checks were late for Christmas, Attorney Rix and numerous other attorneys filed Petitions seeking a penalty against the insurer for those late payments. Many of those similar Petitions were withdrawn or denied, but, Attorney Rix came to court prepared and succeeded in getting relief for his client.

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What Can You Expect From A Workers’ Compensation Claim?

A successful case can mean you get financial support after a wide range of accidents, from on-site injuries to repetitive stress injuries, including money for your medical bills and your loss of time at work. Moving forward, you should make sure to:

  • Document your injury, including by notifying your supervisor in writing
  • It is your right to see your doctor first, so, go to a doctor you trust first instead of seeing the doctor that the employer or its insurance company might steer you towards
  • Get medical care such as emergency medical services and ongoing treatment when necessary
  • Talk to your lawyer if you are not certain about your rights or if you have any questions about workers’ compensation

If your injury is the result of a workplace accident or sustained in the course of your job duties, you may have grounds for a claim. Attorney Rix has extensive experience to help advise you of your rights. Get answers to your questions and a personal legal strategy.

Take Your Health Back Into Your Own Hands

Before you accept anything from an insurance company, make sure you talk to someone who can keep them honest. Schedule an appointment with attorney Rix at his office in Warwick.