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Giving Rhode Island Tenants A Seat At The Table

As a renter, you are trusting your landlord to take care of their property, from safety precautions at the front door to the fundamental functions of your home. When your landlord becomes unresponsive, inattentive or unreasonable and violates your rights in the process, you should have a way to hold them accountable.

At the Law Offices of Jeremy M. Rix, you work directly with attorney Jeremy Rix, a passionate and experienced attorney. His past case work includes helping dozens of renters across Rhode Island bring legal action against landlords. Speak to him about your rights at 401-414-5107.

Representing Responsible Landlords

Most local property owners who rent do try to follow the law and treat tenants how they would want to be treated. But, legal requirements frequently change, and, not all landlords know the full extent of their legal obligations. All good landlords should know that they have to give notice to tenants if becomes necessary to end a tenancy or raise rent.  But, a plain reading of the law can be confusing: For example, “30 Days Notice” often means more notice than literally just 30 days!

If you are standing in front of a Judge, would you rather be uncertain of what your rights and obligations are as a landlord, or, would you want the confidence of having an experienced attorney advising you of your rights and obligations? Better yet, when an attorney is reviewing a lease or rental agreement, would you rather it be a lease that you drafted or a lease that an experienced attorney drafted with you and tailored for the circumstances of that specific agreement and that particular apartment while conforming with the law? Best of all, when you have a question, would you want to try to look up the answer yourself or be able to call an experienced attorney?

At The Law Offices of Jeremy M. Rix, you work directly with attorney Jeremy Rix, a passionate and experienced attorney. His past case work includes advising local landlords (whether they own a handful of apartments or just one) across Rhode Island on their rights and obligations before problems arise and, when necessary, in court. Speak to him about how to at 401-414-5107.

Attorney Rix Solves Landlord-Tenant Disputes

Disagreements between landlords and tenants are common. However, if that disagreement impacts safety – whether involving a landlord failing to properly maintain the property or a tenant causing damage and disruptions – it is time to speak with an attorney. Attorney Rix is a strong advocate who you can trust to listen to you, understand your problems and goals, and negotiate on your behalf. Likewise, both tenants and landlords often have questions about their legal rights, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing leases or rental agreements
  • Drafting and reviewing notices, letters, and demands
  • Rights and obligations where there is no written lease
  • Rent payment issues, including nonpayment
  • Notices to access, inspect, evict, or raise rent
  • Utilities issues
  • Obligations to maintain property or property damage
  • Property safety issues, including pest issues
  • Pet and service animal issues
  • Security deposits
  • Threats or retaliation
  • Court hearings

Confrontations over legal issues can seem overwhelming, but time is critical in landlord-tenant matters. As a negotiator and litigator, Attorney Jeremy Rix can advise you and protect your rights.

Schedule A Time To Talk About Your Situation

Attorney Rix is happy to discuss your rights under the law and explain exactly what you can expect from a landlord-tenant dispute. He will give you an honest assessment in terms you understand. Contact his office in Warwick to schedule a no-charge, no-obligation initial consultation.

Attorney Jeremy Rix has experience in representing both landlords and tenants. He cannot represent a party while he is representing an opposing party as that would be a conflict of interest. Please do not share any confidential or sensitive information in the Contact Form; schedule an appointment or phone call so that Attorney Rix can check for any potential conflicts.